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BASTARDS dog wear

BASTARDS introduce the first dog wear actually designed for dogs in the most technological way possible.
Each BASTARDS dog coat is made-to-measure especially for your canine, adjusted to the exact measurements of the dog, so that the perfect fit is assured. The coat is two-piece, and it's designed to fit together with undercoats. The undercoat is variable depending on the season, with different fabric densities available. The undercoat and coat easily snap together with magnets, no matter which type of undercoat you choose. The coat can even be worn by itself as a windstopper.  
All of our dog wear is created to be interchangeable, even with products that will be created in the future, to create the perfect BASTARDS wardrobe.


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When we developed the BASTARDS G-HOOK, we had a specific agenda. It should never unhook unless we say so! The hook should be able to endure both the extremely active behaviour of greyhounds, or the extremely lazy behaviour of pugs. But above all, it should also be comfortable to wear while just lounging on the sofa - even though your doggo isn't allowed on the sofa!
To develop the G-HOOK, we used 3D printing technology to create several different designs until we found the perfect one. The inspiration for the tightening mechanism of the G-HOOK strap came from professional camera equipment. Once you tighten the strap to your chosen length, for a perfect fit around your dog’s tummy, the strap stays tight regardless of the dog’s movement.

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